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Valentine’s Day is coming quickly. If you are in the unfortunate few that haven’t picked up something special for your sweetheart, your window of opportunity is closing quickly. Although the holiday has earned its reputation of extravagant gifts, and bold romantic gestures, most women prefer something thoughtful and simple. Check out this micrographic for a few last minute, heart-felt gift ideas.

One idea for your darling is the gift of massage lotion. Although minimal, accompanied with a spa night in, this can make for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Another great idea is the gift of relaxation in the form of aromatherapy oils. These little presents range from lavender to peppermint to sandalwood and everything in between. Your Valentine will feel like a royalty as they enjoy their favorite scent, and let go of their stress.

Last, but not least is the oldest trick in the book– a bouquet of flowers. Go above by picking up their favorite flowers to go together with a fun night out on the town.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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