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So many scents can invoke the feeling of winter and the spirit of the holidays. If you’re looking for essential oil winter blends, start by buying your essential oils wholesale through Bulk Apothecary. We have everything you need to make the best winter blends, including essential oils, diffusers, and more.

Perfect Essential Oils for Winter

The winter season usually means cold weather and festive holidays. You can use essential oils to create a warm winter ambiance and to promote wellness.

The best essential oils to use to create ambiance include:

  • Cinnamon – spicy and warm, slightly woody aroma
  • Clove – sweet and woody with a warming effect
  • Fir needle – fresh and sweet outdoorsy smell
  • Frankincense – a deep, earthy scent that’s rich and woody
  • Myrrh – a rich and spicy warm aroma
  • Nutmeg – has a rich, sweet & spicy, woody scent
  • Peppermint – herbaceous with warm, minty undertones
  • Wintergreen – fresh and sweet minty fragrance

If you’re interested in promoting wellness throughout the winter, try these Certified Organic essential oils:

  • Eucalyptus – refreshing and energizing
  • Lemon – fresh and purifying
  • Lavender – relaxing and soothing
  • Oregano – herbaceous anti-oxidant
  • Rosemary – stress release and relaxation
  • Tea tree – freshen and cleanse

You can use these essential oils on their own, or you can blend them to create the perfect winter scent.

Essential Oil Blends to Use in Winter

Blending therapeutic essential oils together can give you a unique aroma you can’t get with a single essential oil. Here are our nine favorite essential oil blends to use in the wintertime:

1. Winter Forest

If you want to invite the aroma of a crisp winter forest into your home, you should diffuse two drops of clary sage, two drops of cedarwood, and a drop of both pine and black spruce.

The clary sage and the cedarwood are warming and soothing, while the pine is fresh and bright. The black spruce will add crisp, earthy notes. This blend will have you feeling like you’re taking a nice, relaxing walk in the woods on a beautiful winter afternoon.

2. Fireside Warmth

Relaxing inside by a warm, crackling fire is especially enjoyable on a cold winter night. When you want to evoke the feeling of sitting by a fire, diffuse two drops of cedarwood, two drops of vetiver, and a drop of clove and black spruce.

Cedarwood and vetiver have warm notes; the vetiver will also add leathery and earthy notes. The clove and black spruce will help to add deep, rich, earthy notes. The black spruce will add a touch of crispness, too.

3. Fresh Snowfall

A true winter wonderland isn’t complete without the sights and smell of fresh, crisp snowfall. To recreate the scent of pure snow, you’ll want to diffuse essential oils featuring crisp and fresh notes.

Combine three drops of peppermint and three drops of wintergreen with one drop of pine and one drop of spearmint in your diffuser. You will feel like you’re breathing in fresh and clean air after a beautiful snowfall.

4. Cheerful Holiday Morning

Holiday mornings can bring about cheerful excitement before the day’s much-anticipated festivities. To add to your holiday cheer, diffuse three drops of lavender and a drop of frankincense, cedarwood, and vetiver.

The frankincense, cedarwood, and vetiver create a deep, rich, and warm aroma. Adding lavender brightens your blend and delivers a slightly fresh and floral scent.

5. New Year’s Celebration

Each new year offers the opportunity to start fresh, so it only makes sense to have a lively and celebratory blend of essential oils in your diffuser.

To welcome the new year, diffuse a blend of juniper berry, myrrh, and lemon. Start with one drop of each, then add additional drops of juniper berry for a truly unique, clean, and invigorating fragrance.

6. Sugar and Spice

Baking for friends and family in the winter is something many people enjoy. If you want your home to smell like holiday cookies fresh from the oven without having to cook or clean, try diffusing sweet or spicy essential oils along with your favorite cookie blend. For example, one delicious holiday cookie blend starts with two drops of vanilla and two drops of almond.

You can get creative when you want to make a holiday cookie-scented blend. Try adding one or more of the following sweet or spicy essential oils to your cookie blend:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Orange
  • Peppermint

Try blending one or two of these with the vanilla and almond cookie blend to find the mixture closest to your favorite holiday cookie.

7. Spiced Orange

Pomander balls are oranges decorated with cloves, usually set out in the wintertime. When the citrus and clove mix together, they smell amazing. You can create the same scent with your essential oils.

Traditional pomander balls are made with oranges and cloves; however, you can use any citrus essential oil in your blend. To make a spiced orange blend, combine three drops of orange and one drop of clove in your diffuser. Lemon essential oil is a great substitution for orange if you want a less sweet scent.

8. Warm and Cozy

Escape from a cold winter day by diffusing an essential oil blend with warm and comforting aromatics. Use two drops of pine or fir needle and two drops of eucalyptus with a drop of ginger and a drop of cinnamon.

This blend will help you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a warm blanket. For an even spicier blend, add a drop of nutmeg or clove.

9. Winter Air

Even if it’s not cold outside, you can still bring in crisp winter air with your essential oil blend. Simply diffuse two drops of lemon and two drops of orange with one drop of cardamom.

The citrus essential oils are bright and light. Cardamom adds just a touch of sweetness, spice, and warmth.

Buy Your Essential Oils Wholesale

You can buy all of your essential oils wholesale when you shop at Bulk Apothecary. We have all the essential oils needed to make the winter blends above. We also have a wide selection of diffusers, dilution blending oils, and roll-on bottles. Visit our blog today to find more essential oil blend recipes for every season.

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