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Easter Egg Bath Bombs Recipe


Here’s what you’ll need:


2 C. Sodium Bicarbonate

1 C. Citric Acid

10 – 30 drops Forget Me Not Blossoms Fragrance Oil

2 t. Sweet Almond Oil

Spray bottle of Witch Hazel

2 Large/Medium Bowls

Empty plastic eggs (I got mine at the local dollar store)



In a large bowl, combine the citric acid and sodium bicarbonate by mixing with a whisk or large spoon. Alternatively, you can used your gloved hand. Just like baking, it is important to mix the dry ingredients before the wet ingredients. Divide the mixture evenly into two bowls.


Add coloring as desired – I chose pastel colors for this project. If you use mica, remember to use a teaspoon of Polysorbate 80 – this is an emulsifier and will keep the color from staining you or your tub. Mix until the coloring is evenly distributed.


Once the dry mix is ready to go, add the fragrance oil and sweet almond oil. Mix, mix, mix! Spritz witch hazel into the mixture as needed until the consistency is that of wet sand. You should be able to clump this mixture in your hand without it falling apart.


Layer the colors as you loosely pack the mixture into the mold, leaving the top of each side of the mold heaping with mixture. This will allow the bath bomb to fully form when you press the two sides of the mold together. There may be some trial and error in this – don’t give up! Sometimes this takes a little patience and practice.


Place the mold in your hand and gently remove the top. Turn the bath bomb over and remove the remaining half. Allow to dry overnight. Enjoy!

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    1. It would depend on the capacity of the empty plastic eggs that you can get from a local dollar store; the recipe can make around 24 oz of product.

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