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Galaxy Soap Bar Recipe

These bars are really out of this world! This recipe is so simple and you can use just about any color re-batch (leftover) soap bars. This past week I made Valentine’s soap, needless to say, I had plenty of pink and purple leftover. Re-batching is the simplest way to create something beautiful and unique. Let’s get started, shall we?



Clear Organic SFIC (all natural) Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Base– 2 LBS

Matte Black Oxide Pigment Powder– 1/4 tsp

Silicon Soap Loaf Pan

Any color left over soap bars (I used 2 colors)

Fragrance or Essential Oil of you choice (I used Be Enchanted Fragrance Oil)


Step 1: Cut Clear Organic SFIC (all natural) Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Base into small chunks and add 1/4 tsp Matte Black Oxide Pigment Powder. If using the microwave method, heat on high at 30 second intervals. Continue melting until the soap base is completely melted. Add, 7-10 drops of fragrance oil. I choose Be Enchanted Fragrance Oil. This scent definitely smells enchanting. Slowly pour hot soap mixture into a silicon soap loaf pan. Small bubbles may begin to appear, simply spray a spritz of rubbing alcohol on top of your soap loaf.

Step 2: Cut your re-batch soap into different size pieces, lengths or shavings. Drop into the soap mixture. Some pieces will sink down, others may float. The different sizes, shapes and placement will give the finished soap loaf a really unique look once sliced. Step 3: Once soap loaf has hardened, remove from silicon loaf pan and slice into desired size. I used a crinkle cutter for that extra pizzazz. This soap loaf is really “out of this world!” Enjoy!

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  1. Exactly how long should I stir using a 2lb piece of base.i thought I had been stirring for so long but I ended up with blobs. It didn’t liquefy. If I had a close time it would help.

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