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Naturally Colored Soaps and Soap Tops

We love how beautiful soaps can be! Our customers post such lovely varieties of soaps in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We always get so inspired by the different colors that show up in our customers’ cold-processed soaps and on their soap tops.

So we’re bringing you some new ideas we had about using our herbs and botanicals from our Bulk Apothecary Inventory to color your soap and soap tops naturally. Sure, synthetic pigments and powders have their place, but how about using some natural colors right from plants and herbs to make your soap stand out from the rest?

Don’t believe it yet? We’ll convince you!

Some Natural Greens:

Spirulina Powder is perfect for that beautiful, Christmas, Evergreen look. It provides a darker, fir tree shade to your soap, and a stark contrast to the top of your soap. Spirulina powder is a great option for naturally coloring your holiday soaps!

Spirulina-Colored Soap from Skin Out Soaps
Spirulina Soap from Freya Soaps on Instagram

Matcha Tea Powder is an amazing choice for a softer, calm green that could be for a Grinch, a holly leaf, or just a soft, botanical green soap! It’s versatile. And it gives soap a nice, calm, green tea smell.

Matcha Soap from Hummingbird Sweet Home on Etsy 
Matcha Lemongrass Soap from Jirinaturals on Instagram

Glowy, Dusky Oranges and Yellows

Turmeric is a great addition for your soap to get that beautiful, honey glow. At Bulk Apothecary, we love seeing it in fall soaps to color it a cozy, pumpkin spice soap or to create a candy corn effect on a white and lighter orange soap. It’s amazing to use for color.

Plus, turmeric naturally has amazing, skin-brightening qualities. All-in-all, perfect way to color and enhance your soaps!

Turmeric Soap from BubbleCherry on Instagram and Etsy
Candy Corn Turmeric Colored Soap from The Ladle Bearer on Instagram

Goldenseal Root Powder has amazing health benefits but could also color your soap a beautiful, warm yellow, perfect for summer or fall. 

We looked for a picture, but no one seems to have thought of this yet! Maybe yours will be the first! Tag us if you try it. 

Lovely Reds and Pinks

Red Sandalwood powder can give your soap a beautiful, dark orange hue or a rich, deep red. This could be perfect to make a naturally colored fall soap or just to enhance your soap’s color in general. Not to mention, it has an amazing smell naturally.

Red Sandalwood Colored Soap from Sufiya (@gloriouslyhandmade) on Instagram
Red Sandalwood Colored Soaps from Stone River Soaps on Etsy
Red Sandalwood Colored and Scented Soaps from Imaya Beauty

Beet Root Powder can be used for a holly berry, candy cane coloring guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. And, we love how it looks on top of soaps, too!

Beet Root Soap from @homaroma_natural on Instagram
Beet Root Colored Merlot Soap from WeekendWanderlust on Etsy

Pink or Rose Kaolin Clay is an amazing ingredient for your soaps AND it is excellent for normal to dry skin to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Rose Kaolin clay will also improve the skin’s circulation. Rose clay is a great general purpose medium weight clay that is used primarily for its lovely rose color, but also increases silkiness, slip and absorbency to soaps and personal care products.

Rose Kaolin Soap Made by @henryandjunesoapco on Instagram

Rose Kaolin Clay Colored Soap made by @majenyeco on Instagram

Warm Browns

Clove Powder is perfect for a gorgeous scent and to give your soaps a warm, brown color. It may not color your soap entirely but, really, you don’t want to add too much anyway as Clove tends to overpower other scents. 

Soap with Clove Added In Made by @pasturesandpinesoapworks on Instagram

Cinnamon is an amazing scented top for your soap and gives it a beautiful pop of color, too!! 

Cinnamon Top Soap Made by @dsoapatelier on Instagram

Cinnamon Soap Top Made by @natureescapesllc on Instagram

Thanks for reading and if you try any naturally colored soaps and soap tops tag us!! We want to see what you create!

We’re @bulkapothecary on Instagram and Pinterest and @BApothecary on Facebook! Happy Crafting!

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

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