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Beautiful, Creative Soap Tops With Botanicals

If you’re like me and cannot draw or paint but want to achieve that gorgeous, aesthetic look for your customers’ soap tops, look no further.

We’ve been SO inspired by our own customers and their use of our botanicals on their soaps and wanted to share the coolest trends we’ve seen with you. Maybe it will inspire you to create the next one that blows us away!

Seeds and Pods

Poppy seeds are huge right now! They’re perfect to give your soap top an interesting look, texture, and an exfoliating quality. Plus, they have no real scent so you could add them to a soap with any fragrance to give it that extra oomf.

Poppy Seed Soap Top
Poppy seed and Red Cornflower Soap Top from Bold Natural Soap on Instagram

Cardamom seeds are the perfect topper for any soap with a warm scent or with one of our delicious-smelling Chai scents as there’s a ton of cardamom in chai! Pair them together for a beautiful fragrance and cool look.

Cardamom Pods on Soap Tops from Muddy Mint on Instagram
Cardamom Pods on Soap Tops from Muddy Mint on Instagram


Jasmine Flowers are perfect for Jasmine scented soap or to give your products that beautiful, boho, botanical, classy look.

Dried Jasmine Flower Soap Tops
Black Honey Jasmine Soap from Hilltop Honey Co. on Instagram

Hibiscus Flowers are some of my personal favorites. They smell amazing, make amazing tea, but also look beautiful when featured as a decoration or anything! You can even pair it with one of our Hibiscus fragrance oils!

Dried Hibiscus Flowers in Wooden Bowl
Calendula Hibiscus Soap from Zinnia Made on Etsy

Cornflowers are the perfect addition to any purple or yellow soap to make the top look gorgeous and to stand out from the crowd. These are one of our favorite soap top looks. 

Cornflower & Calendula Soap from Nathsoapcompany on Instagram
Cornflower Soap from @thesoapingowl on Instagram

Chamomile Flowers are a great choice to add to, you guessed it, chamomile soap. They’re naturally beautiful and have a soft, calming scent. Plus, as you or your customers use the soap, flowers will fall into the bath water and look so pretty, too!

Soap with Chamomile Flowers
Cold Process Chamomile Soap

Calendula flowers have many health benefits but also look great on top of soap! We love how they bring an interesting, unique texture to the soap while also providing a slight fragrance, as well.

Homemade, natural Calendula soap
Calendula Orange Soap from NatureEscapes on Instagram

Leaves and Plants and Such

Western Red Cedar Tips are perfect for your winter or Christmas soap tops, making them look like a beautiful, pine wonderland. Add some of our favorite pine cones for a complete, unique look! 

Closeup of a branch on a cedar tree.

Pinecones are an awesome winter addition to your soaps. They look so neat and they’re actually one of our favorite trends right now. We carry a bunch of different types, too. Hemlock, birch, lodge. You name it!

Pinecone Soap Top from @soapgirl62 on Instagram
We put them on top of a candle, too!! Cranberry Jar is from
Chalke Valley Soaps’ Pinecone Soap Tops

Salt is something I wouldn’t think to put on top of soap myself. But we have seen SO many beautiful, creative soap tops this year using salt as an addition. Himalayan pink salt is great for a little pop of color on a dark background, or regular coarse grain could create a little bit of glimmer and grit on a colored top. Try it out!

Salted Soap from Euphoria Soaps (@thesoapgirl on Instagram)
Pink sea salt on blue soap
Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Top by @muddymint on Instagram

Any trends you wish we featured? Want to show us your ideas? Tag us on Instagram @Bulkapothecary or on Facebook @BApothecary! We’d love to see them, or, even better, repost them!

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

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