Recipe: Brownie Batter Mud Mask

We are SO excited to share this recipe with you!! Besides the fact that it’s super easy and comes together in a matter of minutes, it smells JUST LIKE BROWNIES. I’m not even kidding. I wanted to lick my face the entire time I had it on (and I actually could have because it’s completely edible). This is by far my favorite twist on a facial mud mask and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too! Don’t be fooled by the small number of ingredients this recipe requires. They all pack a punch when it comes to skincare. Honey is awesome for fighting acne and pimples. Coconut Oil is amazing for softening, moisturizing, and soothing the skin. Cocoa is FULL of antioxidants (I used dark cocoa for extra oomph) that work to repair damaged skin and peppermint essential oil calms irritation, itchiness, and redness. This Brownie Batter Mud Mask is just what your skin has been craving.

How To:

  • Start by mixing 6 tablespoons of Cocoa Powder with 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil and 3 teaspoons of Honey. You’ll have to mash these ingredients together at first until the dry blends with the wet, then you can really work to stir it all up.
  • Next, add in 6 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and 3 drops of Vanilla Essential Oil and continue to stir. Your mask will look EXACTLY like brownie batter (and smell like it too!).

To Use:

  • Smear the mixture onto warm damp skin. When you begin to massage it, the mask will mix with the moisture on the skin and smooth out. If you feel that it’s not spreading easily, simply add a little warm water with your fingertips and continue to smear across your skin.
  • Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and rinse away with warm water.
  • Follow with your favorite moisturizer for soft, supple skin!

Just beware- smelling like a brownie for 30 minutes WILL cause you to crave brownies. I made a batch right after I rinsed my mask off. Let us know if you love this recipe as much as us and check out our other blogs here.

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5 thoughts on “Recipe: Brownie Batter Mud Mask

  1. What is the shelf life on the brownie batter face mask? I’m unable to see all the pictures or any comments on this post.

    1. Hi Stacey!

      We will repair the pictures on this post, I apologize for the inconvenience. This mud mask can last 2-3 weeks.

      Let me know if this helps!

  2. One more question. .how much does this make? Just one mask or enough for two like the glowing skin mask?

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