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Relaxing Rose Bath Salt

To be honest, I keep the supplies for this at my house at all times. It’s perfect for a last minute gift and so, so easy to make as well as cost effective! 


-1 cup Epsom Salt (fine ground)

-1/2 cup Dead Sea Salt 

-1 tbsp Fragrance Oil of choice (I used our version of Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret)

-1/2 cup of flowers of choice (I used our rose petals and buds)


1. Take a large mixing bowl and add your Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt together. Mix. 

2. Add your flowers and mix well. 

3. Add fragrance oil and stir carefully.

4. Place in bag that is able to be well-sealed. 

5. Store in cool, dry place!

This makes a great gift for baby showers, new jobs, bridal showers, or yourself for some nice “me-time!”

If you try it, tag us; we would love to see!

Buy the bags we used to store it/gift it on our site. 

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