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Himalayan Salt Lamps are so pretty and so beneficial to your health, too! 

If you want to try your hand at making your own Salt Bowl Lamp try this recipe!

What You’ll Need

-Chunks of Himalayan Pink Salt

-Cord with Light Bulb (like this one from Ikea)

-Vessel (we used a dough bowl)

-Electricity Source


Thread your light bulb through your vessel of choice until it is in your desired position (i.e. in the center). 

Ensure that cord is able to be plugged in. 

Place salt chunks in that vessel in a manner where the light source will not touch the surfaces of the vessel. If it does, it could be a fire hazard.

Once salt rocks are placed in desired formation, plug in the cord of the bulb. 

Turn on to test. Hide cord under vessel if necessary. 

Let us know if you make this craft or any others from our blog!

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