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Himalayan Pink Salt Exfoliating Soap

In the interest of keeping with the pink theme this month we made a super cute pink soap. 

Perfect for the shower or as a guest soap, this soap is a great exfoliator and cleaner as well as being pretty! 


-3/4 of 16 oz Melt and Pour Base of choice

-2 oz of Sweet Almond Oil

-1 tbsp Vitamin E Oil

-10 drops of Fragrance Oil of choice

Himalayan Pink Salt 

Heart Mold


Chop up the melt and pour block into smaller, more manageable chunks and place them in a microwave safe measuring cup. If heating on stove, allow to reach liquid consistency. If using microwave, heat for 1 min and 30 seconds or until liquid stage is reached. 

Stir and add Sweet Almond Oil based on measurements on side of cup and Vitamin E based on measurement. 

Add fragrance oil and stir in until consistency is even. 

If desired, add pigment powder. We used Pink Pearl mica powder (dropping on our site soon) to give our soap a pink color. 

Next, evenly coat the bottom of the molds with Himalayan pink salt. 

Then, pour soap mixture on top of Pink salt. 

Allow time to cool and harden (ideally at least 12 hours). 

You don’t have to add the Sweet Almond Oil or Vitamin E if you wouldn’t like to. We just like to reintroduce moisture to a product if it’s an exfoliant! 

Let us know what you think! 

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!


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