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4 Ingredient, All-Natural Fabric Softener

I love fabric softener as much as the next person. It makes my clothes smell and feel great!

But the amount of chemicals and additives in the leading name brands of laundry detergent and fabric softener are worrying. I don’t want to be wearing clothes all day every day with chemicals on them!

This recipe is an easy, natural solution to store-bought laundry products. 

What You’ll Need

-1 gallon of All-Natural, Unscented Conditioner Base

-1 gallon of Distilled White Vinegar

-0.5 ml to 2 oz Essential Oil

-Distilled water in desired quantity

*recipe makes up to 3 gallons of Fabric Softener*


In a large container, i.e. a bin with no cracks, add the conditioner and white vinegar. Mix. 

Add distilled water in increments until mixture reaches desired consistency. 

Pour in essential oil and stir. 


Store in bin or large, airtight container until needed for use. 

Use funnel or makeshift funnel to pour fabric softener into old bottle!

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