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DIY Swiffer Floor Cleaner– Most of my home is carpeted, which is an easy clean with the vacuum, but I do have a few areas that have wood and laminate flooring- which I neglect on a regular basis. It’s not for lack of effort. I would absolutely clean them- if I could only remember to buy cleaning supplies to use on them! I have a Swiffer which is great for these surfaces, but I can’t seem to remember to buy the Swiffer floor cleaner to use with my Swiffer!

Enough is enough, so I’ve started making my own version of the floor cleaner, and you can too! It comes together quickly and smells fantastic- and my floor have never looked better!

DIY Swiffer Floor Cleaner



Mix together equal parts water and vinegar in a 16oz spray top bottle (you can pour the completed mixture into your swiffer later if you want to) leaving room at the top of the bottle and shake to combine. Add essential oils and shake thoroughly. Spray directly on your floor and follow with a mop or towel, or use with your swiffer. No need to rinse!

This DIY Swiffer Floor Cleaner recipe is a wonderful, all-natural solution that’s safe for kids and pets. The tea tree and lemon oils work hard to break down the dirt and kill the germs, while the vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. 

Let us know if you make this recipe or any others from our blog!

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