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Tea Tree Soap recipe

We’ve written before about how amazing tea tree oil is. For skin alone, the list of benefits is extensive. From…

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Spring Beauty Tips: Sea Clay Tea Tree Mask Recipe

Today we have a recipe for an easy mud mask. This is fantastic for an at-home facial. You can do…

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Oil Spotlight: Tea Tree

So, I must admit until this past year, I really didn’t know the depth to which essential oils can impact…

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New Year, New You: Post-Holiday Cleaning

Planning on doing a little cleaning in the near future? Maybe things around the house need a little refreshing after…

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It’s the Holiday Season: Lavender Puppy Bath Bar

In my home, the baby runs the show. And by baby, I mean my fur baby. He’s pretty much in…

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Summer Vibes: Clear Face Cleansing Bar

If you’re anything like the majority of us, you’ve battled a few breakouts from time to time (ugh). While I’ve…

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Spring Cleaning: Swiffer Floor Cleaner

This always happens to me. I go to the grocery store, buy everything on my list (and several things that…

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Essential Oil Spotlight Tea Tree Oil

We are wrapping up this week’s blog with a spotlight on a wonderful essential oil, a personal favorite, Tea Tree Essential…

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Sick Day Diffuser Blend

Not feeling so great? Allergies flaring up? Not a fan of Eucalyptus? Try out this breathe-easy blend. 🍊🌱