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Easter is “hopping” with great DIY project ideas. Because we love bunnies, Easter eggs and gifts, we are giving you awesome Easter basket ideas that are sure to make your family “jump” for joy.

  1. Bunny Soap- Essential oils soaps in bunny or egg molds are perfect for kids and neighbors alike. Check out a simple melt and pour recipe here.
  1. Spring Detox Bath Soak- Throughout the winter holidays the body has retained a lot of toxicity at no fault of our own. A bath soak is a great way to relax and become detoxified from all the toxins, bacteria, viruses and even molds in the body. Check out this simple recipe for inspiration.
  1. Aroma Therapy Snuggle Bunny – We have all heard of, and probably used a rice pack for relief of tight muscles, but have probably never thought to add essential oils for better relaxing. Making a fabric bunny (out of any fabric you want), filling it with rice, and attaching an essential oil is sure make your friend’s, children or neighbor’s Easter very memorable.
  1. Easter Egg Bath Bomb- These are a perfect gift idea for the girls on your Easter list. Bath bombs are all the rage right now and this easy recipe is sure to excite the girls and boys. In only three steps you can have perfect egg bath bombs.


  1. Homemade Side Walk Chalk- Using side walk chalk as a child is one of my fondest memories. Creating something from my imagination was a freeing experience that kept me busy for hours. This recipe allows you to make your own side walk chalk and add some essential oils for a smelly good time.


  1. Lotion bar- A lotion bar is great for moisturizing the elbows, knees and heels in a pain-free way. It is great for those who may have springtime skin dryness.


Enjoy the Easter season and have lots of fun making new DIY gifts. More ideas can be found on our blog:

DIY Easter Baskets

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