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So you’ve made soaps, mixed some peppermint oil in and created that fancy swirl technique to “wow” your friends and family. Now what? They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do. So you need your homemade products to be packaged in something nice. That’s where Bulk Apothecary comes in! We now have various packaging options available for your soaps and other homemade goodies.

Choose shrink-wrap if you want to package a couple of items together. All you need to do is wrap the items and heat. The heat will shrink the wrapping and the package will be see-thru. Shrinkwrap your items and put them in a gift basket with other homemade goodies!

If you are packaging bar soap, use one of our boxes with the window. You can still see the product, but the soap will be protected. Plus, you can write on the package, put some holiday stickers or ribbon on it, and it’s ready to give!

Tea Bags are also a great way to protect the items and they look super-cute! Just tie them together with a colorful ribbon!

There are obviously many ways to pack up your homemade gifts. Whatever method you choose, just get creative and the receiver will be anxious to use the product!

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