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Royal Flush Toilet Fizzies Recipe

Royal Flush Toilet Fizzies Recipe 1

Happy Friday, Bulkers!

Today’s recipe is all about making our lives a little easier… at least when it comes to cleaning the bathroom toilets. I don’t know about you all but I loathe cleaning the bathroom. I usually make the kiddos do it! How else are they supposed to earn their allowance 🙂

These great and easy toilet fizzies will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and your toilet clean. They are very simple to make and start working immediately.

To use simply toss fizzy into the toilet and watch it do the cleaning and deodorizing for you. Once the fizzy hits the water, it begins working and releases an amazing fresh scent. Leave in for 10 minutes and flush. Toilet fizzies are perfect to use between cleanings and can be used as often as you’d like! (I would use these all the time if i could)


1 cup Sodium Bicarbonate/Baking Soda

1/4th cup Citric Acid

Spray bottle of water

Essential/Fragrance Oil – our favorite combination is 15 drops of Eucalyptus (lemon) Essential Oil and 10 drops of Peppermint Swirl Fragrance Oil

Silicon Round Mold

Step 1. Mix Sodium Bicarbonate/Baking Soda with Citric Acid in a large bowl.

Royal Flush Toilet Fizzies Recipe 3

Step 2. Add essential/fragrance oils of your choice and lightly spritz with water.

Step 3. Using your hands to mix will work the best. Firmly and quickly press the mixture into the molds.

Royal Flush Toilet Fizzies Recipe 4

Step 4. Let them dry for at least 3 hours or overnight for best results. When completely dry, slowly pop out of the molds and store in a cool, air-tight container.

Royal Flush Toilet Fizzies Recipe 5

Tip: Decorate or dress up a Mason Jar with a ribbon matching your bathroom decor. The jar will look great sitting on the back of the toilet or shelf of any bathroom.

Thanks for reading and Happy Bulking!



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    1. You can put it in the bowl and in the tank; so when you flush you’ll get the same great scent and cleaning action hitting all areas of the toilet bowl.

  1. You know what would be cute if you made like a smaller decore fizzy to put into the bigger fizzy.. with like dye swirls and scent..

  2. Hi. I have just come across your site and blog. I am just beginning to make my own soaps, cleaners and hygiene products. I love this idea! I have read other recipes that use borax but I like the citric acid idea better. Has anyone commented on whether this will clean away rust/hard water deposits? Curious.

    Thanks for the idea. Looking forward to more.

      1. I’ve purchased a large bag of Citric Acid from BA for other products & have recently, quite accidentally through an experiment, discovered this concoction. I mix equal parts CA with Baking Soda & pour into both tank & bowl. I had no idea this would work so wonderful! Now that I have this recipe, I want to make some of these fizzies for easier cleaning access. I also use it, along with my Gain liquid, in my laundry for whites. Bulk Apothecary is the best source. Thanks!

      2. I mix citric acid and baking soda together in a empty parmesan cheese shaker. I use it in toilets and sinks and even in tubs. You wet the area and then sprinkle this on. You can use a squirt bottle to add more water to get more fizzing action. It whitens really well, I love to use it in toilets. I put it on there inside the toilet and let it sit there and stays for about 5 minutes and then I do a good scrubbing and let it sit some more and then flush it. Works great at cleaning and whitening

  3. When these fizzies are molded into smaller sizes (eg., mini muffin pan or any other size that’s smaller than the usual bath bombs), an interesting use for these is as a toddler toilet training aid, especially for little boys. It can be a “fun” tool to help them learn to aim better, and they become trained more quickly, especially if pigmented powders are added to the basic recipe. Putting one or two fizzies into the potty chair bowl also helps overcome any odors because of the presence of the EO’s within the formula.

  4. So is this a “one” time refresh for the toilet when it is put in the tank? It dissolves fairly quickly or will it last in the tank for a while vs the toilet bowl? Just wondering how much bang for the buck/effort you get?

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