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This cold weather has really been taking a toll on my skin lately. My hands feel dry, look dull and desperately need some TLC!

This scrub is just what the doctor ordered. A wonderful blend of salts to slough away dry, dead skin with a nourishing blend of oils that will hydrate and replenish my winter skin to it’s soft, supple glory!

With just a few ingredients it comes together in minutes and couldn’t be easier!

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 2

You’ll need:

1 cup Epsom Salt

1 cup Dead Sea Salt

½ cup Unscented Sugar/Salt Scrub Oil Base

1 tsp Raspberry Sorbet Fragrance Oil

Mica Powder or Liquid Soap Color

Mini Heremes Jars

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 3

I love this fragrance oil. I’ve used it in the past for other body products, but I completely plan on making a candle with it in the future because it smells so good!

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 5

Start by combining the salts and the oil together in a large bowl.

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 4

To the oil and slats, add in the fragrance oil.

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 6

Stir all of the ingredients together making sure that all of the salt has been saturated with oil and the mixture is well combined.

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 7

You can leave the scrub as-is and skip the color. It will still be amazing! But if you want to pretty it up a bit, blend in a little color using a pinch of mica powder or a drop or two of liquid soap color. I used a pinch of deep purple mica for just a hint of color.

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 9

Scoop the finished mixture into lidded jars for storage and enjoy!

To use: Gently massage over damp skin and rinse with warm water. Pat dry. Massage the remaining oil into the skin for a soft, nourished finish.

Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe 8

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    1. For the purpose of this recipe the salts used provides more therapeutic benefits than sugar; however, you are free to replace then with sugar if you wish.

    1. This can last approximately 1 year, and does not need refrigeration; you can store it in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

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