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It’s cold and flu season, and we all know someone suffering from the symptoms. This week we will try to provide natural remedies to help alleviate your symptoms. Many people find that aromatherapy can be quite helpful when dealing with the nasty sickness. Specific scents can uplift your spirits even if they can’t clear those sinuses. Aside from aromatherapy, you can also try something like the Neti Pot. Below is a recipe for those of you using the Neti Pot and are still extremely congested or have a sinus infection already. The mixture is meant to break up the mucus in the sinus walls that have hardened.

As always, please use caution. If you are sensitive, please consult with your physician first. The regular sea salt mixture that is used in a Neti Pot can be quite strong for a lot of people, so if THAT is too strong for you, we don’t recommend the following. However, the below recipe can be great for those of you unable to clear those sinus passages!



  1. Fill Neti Pot 3/4 of the way with warm water (not too hot)
  2. Add sea salt, baking soda and witch hazel
  3. Follow the Neti Pot instructions when using

Finally, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest! 🙂

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