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Today we have a recipe for an easy mud mask. This is fantastic for an at-home facial. You can do it alone, or you can invite some friends over and have a “spa” night.

Pour some champagne and indulge in facials and quality time with your friends for a fraction of the cost! These masks are designed to be used on the face, but you can also apply them to the neck and shoulders to help clear the pores. The recipe below makes enough for one person, so just be sure to increase the amounts if you want to store it or to have enough for other people!


  • 2 Tablespoons Sea Clay
  • 1 teaspoon Tea Tree Oil
  • 1- 4 oz. Jar with Lid
  • Water (purified)– Use purified water if possible. It will mix better with the sea clay, and since you are opening the pores, you will want to use the purest of products.
  • Essential Oil (optional)— Use 1 drop of essential oil if you are looking for aromatherapy benefits or want to give the mask some aroma.
  • Lavender Essential Oil (optional) is a great oil to use when you want to relax, so it is highly recommended for this facial mask.


Put the dead sea into the jar. Mix in enough water to moisten the clay without drenching it. You just want it moist enough so that the color turns dark. Too much water will make the mask too loose and it won’t adhere to your face as easily. Use a mixing stick to add the tea tree oil and your drop of essential oil. Obviously, if you are adding the essential oil, you will want to make sure to cut back on the water as it will be moist enough. Once mixed, you can apply it immediately to your (washed) face. The mask will dry and return to the initial lighter color within about 15 minutes. Wash off with a clean washcloth or in the shower. Once it is washed off, I recommend applying a moisturizer as soon as possible.

You can store the remaining product in a cool/dry place, but you will need to re-water upon next use. It’s best to make fresh for each use as it is easy to mix and you will have the best quality product. The sea clay stores wonderfully without liquid in a ziplock bag.

Enjoy treating yourself with this delightful DIY Mud Mask Recipe!

Tip: Put some cucumbers on the eyes while the mask is drying for the full spa effect! 🙂

Tip: Try one of the other Bulk Apothecary mask Clays for alternative skin types. Sea Clay works best for moderately oily skin.

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

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  1. I don’t make anything but I am very interested in the lilac fragrance. Can u tell me what to buy or mix to be able to use it as a reed diffuser?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, Bonnie! To use the lilac fragrance in a reed diffuser, you’ll mix 1 oz of fragrance oil with 3 oz of the reed diffuser bas. Gently stir, stick in your reeds and you’re house will be smelling beautiful in no time.

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