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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE when my home smells wonderful (I hope you do too). Aside from candles and warmers, I have glade plug-ins everywhere. In every room, in multiple plugs within each room- they’ve taken over. But hey- my house smells pretty darn good (If I do say so myself. And, I do.). I like the plug-ins because they’re small and can be easily hidden within a room, but are still effective in diffusing scent across a large space. The only drawback? They dry up fast. Really fast. And when you have a home with multiple rooms, that have multiple outlets and plug-ins occupying the majority of the outlets, refills start to add up!

So why not refill the ones you have? I know- if you’ve tried to pry the top off of the little plug-in bottle before, this solution may seem impossible. But it’s not.

What you need:

Old plug-in bottles
Essential Oil of your choice
Carrier Oil, such as Golden Jojoba Oil or Sweet Almond Oil
Tiny flathead screwdriver (emphasis on Tiny- the ones used for eyeglasses are great)
Butter Knife

Step One:

Carefully use your tiny flat head screwdriver and gently slide it in between the bottle and the cap with the wick. (Be patient when doing this! If you use too much force you can crack the bottle). Lightly wiggle the screwdriver back and forth until you have a small space between the bottle and the cap. Slip the smooth side of the butter knife into the space and repeat the light, gentle motion around the bottle a few times to widen the space. With your hands, firmly twist the two pieces apart.

Voila! An open, ready to be filled plug-in.

Step Two:

Clean both pieces thoroughly to eliminate the previous scent and allow each piece to dry completely.

Step Three:

Add your oils. When using Essential Oils for burning, the concentration of oil is higher. Use 40-50 drops of the essential oil to the container. Fill the rest of the bottle up with your carrier oil (jojoba or almond) leaving a quarter inch space from the top.

Re-cap the container with the wick, pushing firmly until you hear a click. Plug into your outlet burner and enjoy! With a little patience when separating the bottle and cap, you can easily eliminate the need and cost of refills for your plug-ins, as well as customize the scents you use in your home!

Let us know if you make this recipe or any others from our blog!

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