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Our Favorite Halloween Recipes

With Halloween approaching next month, we wanted to share with you a quick roundup of some of our favorite Halloween recipes! 

Halloween Bath Bombs

Get into the spirit with this fun, kid-friendly activity. This recipe is a spooky take on the classic bath bomb and uses fun shaped cavity molds instead of the classic bath bomb sphere. You will learn how to use rubbing alcohol and pigment powder to paint on bath bombs. How cool is that?!

Spooky Soap

Create a classic Halloween themed soap from our melt and pour base. This spooky tray mold is perfect for those who want to practice the technique of dispersing colors with a pipette dropper. We enjoyed making this and we know you will, too!

Bewitching Bath Salts

Bath salts are probably one of the easiest homemade products you can make, and one of the most relaxing! With busy lives, everyone can appreciate a nice, detoxing soak. But just because they’re easy to make doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

Pumpkin Sugar Whipped Soap

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make your own luxurious sugar scrub. Stephenson’s OPC makes for a wonderful foaming bath butter ready for additives such as fragrance, colorant, sugar and salt. 

Beginner Spooky Soap

We kept it simple with these fun, colorful Halloween themed soaps. Perfect for the beginner, this recipe includes melt and pour soap, easy-to-use color blocks and fun molds that will make this a great project for even the little ones.

Tell Us About Your Halloween Creations

We would love to hear from you! Please show us your favorite Halloween creation over at our Facebook page.

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