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Hey Bulkers!

Did you know that making your own body spray is super EASY?

Well, it is.

And if you haven’t checked out Bulk Apothecary’s selection of fragrance oils, you NEED to! Chances are they carry a version of your favorite fragrance- which means that you can recreate your very own favorite perfume or body spray!

I’ll show you how with this simple Ripe Raspberry recipe 🙂

Ripe Raspberry Body Spray Recipe 2

You’ll need:

Unscented Body Mist Base

Ripe Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Bottle with Spray Top (I used small bullet bottles)


Ripe Raspberry Body Spray Recipe 3

When you browse the selection of fragrance oils (which is HUGE!) you may see a few that say “our version of.” This means that it smells just like your favorite store bought fragrance in a concentrated form that allows you to create products with ingredients you like, while still smelling exactly like your favorite scent.


Ripe Raspberry Body Spray Recipe 4

Depending on the size of bottle you use, you may need to trim the spray tube. Do this first that way your bottle is ready to go!

Ripe Raspberry Body Spray Recipe 5

Fill each bottle with the body mist base, leaving a small amount of room at the top for the fragrance oil.

Ripe Raspberry Body Spray Recipe 6

Using the pipette, add drops of the fragrance oil until you reach your desired scent. Some like a very concentrated, strong smell, while others may prefer a light hint of fragrance so this can be customized to suit your preference.

Ripe Raspberry Body Spray Recipe 7

Place the spray tops securely on the bottles and shake a few times to blend the oil and body mist base together.

That’s it!

How easy was that?! You can make as little or as much as you’d like. You can use any shape or color of bottle. You can even refill your old store bought fragrance bottles with the labels so that your body spray really looks like the real deal. It’s completely up to you!


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  1. Can the recipe (Raspberry Body Spray) be replaced with a Lavender Essential Fragrance to make a perfume? I would like to put it in rollon bottle for my purse.
    Thank you
    Sherry Hamton

  2. Can candle fragrance oils be also used to make body sprays. And is it possible to mix fragrance oils to make on desired scent?

      1. How many drops of fragrance oil do you need to put incase you want a stronger scent and how many drops of fragrance oil do you need to put incase you need a moderate scent

          1. I am not so good with counting drops in (oz) can you please estimate for me like how many drops in “number” i need to put for a stronger scent

  3. Can I melt Shea Butter with cocco butter or separately and do they both cool down at the same time??? When making body butter!!

    1. The Unscented Body Mist / Linen Spray contains a preservative (DMDM Hydantoin), which should allow it to last between 6 months to 1 year.

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