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When bathing your pooch, you want to make sure to find a formula that is safe, tear-free, and not too strong of an aroma. The balance is tricky. You want your pet to smell nice, but you don’t want to attract fleas or have an irritating scent.

Here are a few tips for using our Unscented Pet Shampoo Base.

1) Don’t be afraid of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has a strong scent, but it can be useful if you add a teaspoon or so to a large gallon of shampoo (or just a drop or two to a smaller container). Vinegar will detract fleas, brighten the coat of fur AND make the rinse a bit easier. The trick is mixing vinegar into the shampoo a while before using the shampoo. You want the vinegar to set. The smell will be strong at first, but after it is mixed, you won’t notice much.

2) Scenting– Our favorite mix of fragrance is Rosemary Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. 1-2 drops of each mixed into the shampoo will give it a slight, fresh scent. It will leave your pet smelling clean, but not too human-like. Like the vinegar, mix the Rosemary Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil into the unscented pet shampoo base and let sit overnight. The aroma may be strong at first, but it weakens over time. The 1-2 drops may not seem like enough, so feel free to add more if you are working directly with one of the larger gallons of the base.

When giving your pet a bath, be careful not to rub the formula into their eyes. If you are worried about working with oils and afraid you may get some of the formulae into their eyes and irritate, just skip scenting the shampoo and create a spritzer with the oils. Just mix a few drops into a spray bottle with some water. When you are done washing and drying, you can spray a few times and get the same effect!

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