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This pretty pink scrub is PERFECT for the upcoming holiday: Valentine’s Day!

Scented with Shirley Temple fragrance oil and tinted pink, this sweet fruity scrub will massage away the rough winter skin leaving you with soft, supple, nourished skin just in time for snuggling your sweetie.

Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 2

You’ll need:

2 cups Sugar

1 cup Unscented Sugar/Salt Scrub Oil Base

Shirley Temple Fragrance Oil

Mica Powder or Liquid Soap Color

Mini Heremes Jars

Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 3

This fragrance oil smells pretty much like the drink: sweet and fruity. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day recipe!

Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 4

Begin by combining the sugar and the oil base together in a large bowl.

Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 5

Add in the fragrance oil. I used 2 teaspoons. If you’re unsure how strong you want your scrub to be, I would suggest starting with a small amount of the fragrance and blending it into the sugar/oil mixture. Then assess the scent to determine if you need more.

Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 6

Stir! Stir! Stir!

Now, you can finish the recipe here and scoop it into your jars.


Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 7

….you can add in some color! I went with pink for the holiday, but you can use any color you’d like to.

Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 8

Scoop the mixture into lidded jars for storage. A tight seal will prevent any of oil the base from seeping out and should keep your mixture soft.

To use, simply massage over damp skin and rinse with water.

Shirley Temple Sugar Scrub Recipe 9


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  1. These jars are humongous for lip scrub! There should have been more info in the recipe regarding how much product fits in each jar and how many jars it makes. I should have read the weight of the jars in the description, but I mistankingly assumed since you used it in your recipe, it would be an appropriate size. 7.5 oz of lipbscrub is an insane size.

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