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Easy Recipe: Making Shampoo Bars with Stephenson Syndopour Base!

This is seriously the easiest recipe we have ever made. It makes creating your own Shampoo Bars at home so simple and fun! If you want to make solid shampoo bars, our Stephenson Syndopour base is a new, easy product to work with. 


Open the Stephenson base container. Loosen sides of the plastic box by pulling on two ends at a time (long ways then short ways). Turn upside down and tap the bottom of the box. The block of base should then loosen from the bottom and sides of the box and fall out. 

Using a soap cutter or sharp knife, cut the syndet base into manageable chunks and place in a microwave or heat safe bowl or measuring cup. You will need a fairly large measuring cup or bowl as the base will melt into more than 32 oz. of liquid (4 cups). 

Place in the microwave and heat in increments of 1 minute at a time until block is fully liquified/melted. Stir with a silicone spatula to ensure there are no unmelted clumps. Add fragrance or essential oil in amount of a maximum 0.5 oz. (1/2 oz.) per 32 oz. base. Stir for at least two minutes at slow, gentle pace to evenly combine oil with the base. 

Once evenly combined, you can then pour your mixture into the silicone soap mold. If desired, spray rubbing alcohol over the top to eliminate bubbles. 

Allow to set ideally overnight for the mixture to fully harden before cutting into bars. 

Once cut into bars, allow to set for 24 more hours before using to maximize how long they will last. 

*Makes about 12 bars that weigh between 3-4 oz. each*

Enjoy your Shampoo Bars made with Stephenson Syndopour base! 

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