Coffee Cup Candle Recipe

Coffee Cup Candles


You might have seen those adorable candle mugs at the craft fair or online. Some are selling up to $25.00 for a small size mug.  Today I am going to show you how to make these adorable mugs at a fraction of the price. Look in your cabinets, do you see any mugs that you love, but just don’t use anymore? We all have our go-to morning mug, am I right? Look for something that you wouldn’t mind sitting on your counter or stove.  I found two that I bought and totally forgot about.  Those worked out just perfect!

Mug  (I used a 16 oz)

Nature’s Oil Golden Wax Akosoy 5702-00-77 1Lb

Nature’s Oil Creamy Root Beer Float Fragrance Oil


Whole coffee beans ( I used vanilla beans)


Step 1:

Place the candle wick in the center of a clean mug.  I used a little dab of glue from a hot glue gun.  It worked perfectly, however if you prefer to not use glue, simply place wick in center of the mug and prop up using pencils or skewers along with tape. This method works just as well.


Step 2:

Using a microwave safe bowl begin melting the wax flakes. Start at 35 seconds intervals. For best results, only do a cup or two at a time. Re-melt if needed, only at 10 seconds intervals or until you hear the wax my pop.  You can also use the double boiler method if you prefer. Just make sure to stir every few minutes.

Step 3:

Add 5 drops/shakes of Nature’s Oil Creamy Root Beer Float Fragrance Oil and 1/2 cup of whole coffee beans. I used vanilla beans. The combination together smells amazing!

Step 4:

Slowly pour the hot wax mixture into the mug, avoiding the centered wick. Be careful not to move around the mug. Let set for 24 hours before using.


Step 5:

Trim the wick, light and enjoy your new coffee candle!


We would love to see your creations. Instagram and Twitter followers use hashtag #bulkapothecary. We can’t wait to see what you created 🙂  Enjoy!


Coffee Cup Candle Recipe

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28 thoughts on “Coffee Cup Candle Recipe

  1. Are the mugs reusable? If the wax was completely nontoxic and the customer could use the mug afterward that would be awesome!

    1. We haven’t tested it with coffee ground; you can try, but keep in mind that the coffee ground will be exposed to heat/fire from the candle, which can potentially pose a problem.

  2. I am curious about the coffee beans, does this not cause a significant burning smell when the candle is burning?

    1. The air bubbles/imperfections are possibly caused by the temperature fluctuations and movement while the wax is curing. You can try the following:

      1. Work in a room where the room temperature is constant.
      2. Ensure that the glass container is clean and pre-heat it in an over to around 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
      3. Melt the wax, at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.
      4. Pour the wax into the jar slowly, at the manufacturer’s recommended pour temperature.
      5. While the wax is cooling, please avoid placing the glass jars close to each other as this will incubate the heat on each of the glass jars sides.
      6. You can gently tap the glass jar to release any hidden are bubbles, but please do not move the jars or use too much force as this can create unseen air bubbles.
      7. Allow the wax to cool naturally at room temperature.

      1. But the wick is sitting right in the middle of the beans that all floated to the top…is that still ok? Makes me nervous! Lol!

    1. If you are concerned about a fire hazard please do not put the coffee beans close to the flames; as far as the recipe goes, it is safe provided that the flame is not indirect contact with the beans.

  3. Do I understand correctly that the color of the finished candle will be the natural wax color? From the picture it looks brown, but that must be the beans floating on the top. Cute idea! I’m on a cute mug search!

    1. The wick size depends on the diameter of the candle jar/candle; do you have the diameter of your candle jar?

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