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May Flowers: Peppermint Calendula Soap Recipe

Hey Bulkers! Today we’ve got a peppermint calendula soap recipe that’s sure to ‘WOW’! It’s simple to make but looks…

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May Flowers: Peppermint Oil, it does it all

Healing Properties Peppermint oil is considered to be one of the most useful and beneficial oils to have on hand….

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It’s the Holiday Season: Lavender Puppy Bath Bar

In my home, the baby runs the show. And by baby, I mean my fur baby. He’s pretty much in…

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It’s the Holiday Season: Peppermint Poppy Seed Soap

This soap is a breath of fresh air. Lightly scented with crisp, refreshing peppermint with specs of poppy seeds for…

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Summer Vibes: Summer Itch Relief

Got a scratch? A pesky little itch? Maybe your kids have a bug bite or perhaps that hike on the…

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Aromatherapy: For Headache Relief

Headaches are awful. We’ve all had them (if you say you haven’t, I don’t believe you). Whether you suffer from…

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Fighting Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

You may think those of us at Bulk Apothecary use essential oils for everything, and you’re right. We do. It’s…

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Spring Cleaning: Reusable Kitchen Clean Up Wipes

In case you haven’t noticed, around here we LOVE essential oils and DIY products. What’s not to love? It’s a…

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Self-Love Series: Essential Oil Aphrodisiacs

It’s the month of LOVE, and we want everyone to know the best essential oil aphrodisiacs when it comes to…

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Self-Lover Series: Valentine’s Soaps Using Rose Essential Oil

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so get prepared for the season of love by creating some homemade soaps! The recipe…

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Recipe: Sparkling Snow Play Dough

Sometimes, snowy winter days turn into snowy, school-cancellation days. Which are just wonderful (most of the time!). A beautiful blanket…

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Recipe: Rustic Cocoa Soap

If the picture alone doesn’t have you intrigued- this recipe smells of chocolate with hints of mint. Got your attention…

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Shea Butter Hand Cream Recipe

They say that the hands are the first to age. For those of us getting older, it’s clear to see…

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Natural Throat Spray for Sore Throat Recipe

We have an all-natural remedy for that pesky sore throat. If you’re like my hubby, being sick is the end…

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12 Days of Gifting: Citrus Peppermint Salt Scrub

Need a little pick-me-up to get your skin back to being glowing and bright? Here is something that you could…

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12 Days of Gifting: Peppermint Patty Melt & Pour Soap

So, I know that a peppermint patty¬†technically¬†isn’t a seasonal treat. Which is probably why I enjoy them all year long….