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DIY Victoria’s Secret Lotion– I don’t know about everyone else, but every time I go into Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret, I bee-line straight to the lotions, perfumes, and skincare products. The scent is practically dragging me to the table. However, I don’t always have the cash to burn when it comes to getting my favorite things.

Rather than getting sad, why not create your own knock-offs? Not only can you replicate the products fairly easily, but you can also customize to your liking. If the scent is too strong in the retail version, you can add less. If you want something strong, add a little more fragrance oil. Perhaps you want a soap instead of a lotion, just mix the fragrance oil into your melt and pour soap base.

Plus, you can make gifts for friends and family. Package them up in some red bags with pink ribbon and you have the perfect Valentine for your loved ones or friends who may be celebrating the holiday solo.

Below is a basic recipe for knockoff Bombshell lotion (the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell). Bulk Apothecary has tons of other fragrance oils available that are pure, super-concentrated oils. You can add them to any base you like. You can also mix into your candle-making or soap making. As always, get creative!

Victoria’s Secret Imitation Bombshell Hand & Body Lotion

Mix 1/2 ounce Bombshell fragrance oil into 1 gallon of Premium Hand & Body Lotion Base. Let sit for 20 minutes, stir. Fill into bottles with black or white dispensing caps. You can also use the pumps if you prefer. Finish your DIY Victoria’s Secret Lotion with a homemade label or ribbon and you have the perfect gift! Enjoy!

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