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April Showers bring May flowers, right? Well, we’ve been in a total floral mood lately and want to show you this super cool recipe we made. It’s girly, it’s cute, it’s modern, it’s trendy. We love this one. And, it was so easy to make! Follow along to make a Clear Botanical Lip gloss for Spring with us!


-3 tsp Glycerin

-1 tsp Vitamin E

-1 tsp liquid Coconut Oil 

-Optional: 10-12 drops of Flavor (we used Coconut Milk and Peaches)

-Bottle and Cap (we used a Rollerball)

-Optional: Botanicals (we used Rose Petals and recommend those or our Tulip petals and/or Calendula Flowers)


To a bowl, add your glycerin, vitamin E, and MCT Coconut Oil. Give a good, gentle stir. Add flavor if desired. 

To bottle, add a few petals of your botanical of choice. Pour a little bit of lip gloss mixture in, then add a few more petals of whichever botanical you’re using. 

Separating is natural; shake before use to get full effect. 

Let us know if you make this craft or any others from our blog!

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