Pumpkin spice diffuser blend. Pumpkin spice coffee in lap of girl who is in LOVE with fall!
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Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Blend Recipe

Ohhh Pumpkin Spice, how we love you! The moment that latte pops up on the Starbucks menu you KNOW it’s…

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Holiday Product Spotlight: Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser from Now

Today I thought I’d share a current obsession of mine with you- just in time for the holidays! These Ultrasonic…

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Recipe: Reed Diffusers

Lately, Bulk Apothecary has been getting quite a bit of inquiries about Reed Diffusers. These are great alternatives to chemically-based…

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New Year’s Eve Diffuser Blend

Happy New Year! 🙂 In This Recipe: 1 drop Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil 5 drops…

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Summer Breeze Diffuser Blend

Summer days are here to say! (We wish) Look on the sunny side with this uplifting blend 🌷☀️ Summer Breeze…

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Sick Day Diffuser Blend

Not feeling so great? Allergies flaring up? Not a fan of Eucalyptus? Try out this breathe-easy blend. 🍊🌱

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Diffuser Blend For Him

Finally, a diffuser blend made with him in mind, but to be enjoyed by all! 🌲🌳🏡 Diffuser Blend For Him…

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Faerie Moonlight Diffuser Blend

The magic awaits with this lovely blend 🔮✨ Faerie Moonlight Essential Oil Diffuser Blend 3 Drops White Grapefruit 2 Drops…

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Happy Hippie Diffuser Blend

Put this in your diffuser and mist it! ☮️🕊️✌️

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Spring Bouquet Diffuser Blend

It’s officially Spring and we can’t get enough of this blend! 🌸🌷💐

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Spring Cleaning Diffuser Recipe

An invigorating blend to get you energized and motivated! 🗑️♻️

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Lucky Clover Diffuser Blend

Happy Monday! Here’s a zesty citrus diffuser blend to start your week! ☀️🍀

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Deep Sleep Diffuser Blend

We’ve got another great aromatherapy diffuser blend for you! 🛌💤

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Daylight Saving Time Diffuser Blend

Good morning, Sunshine! Here’s a bright and uplifting diffuser blend to celebrate Daylight Saving Time! We love the sun! ☀️🍊🌻

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Fresh Laundry Diffuser Blend

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry? 😍👚

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Lemon Lavender Cupcake Diffuser Blend

We are just loving this unique blend! And, it’s all natural – what’s not to love?! 🎂💜🍋