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Summer Vibes: Loofah-Infused Exfoliating Soap Slices

I’ll admit it- I’m guilty. I looooove the loofah! I love the exfoliation, the extra oomph it adds to my…

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Cancer: The Zodiac Guide to Essential Oils

The world of astrology is an extensive and detailed atmosphere of growth and self-discovery. Many of us have explored our…

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Recipes: Shave Soap Recipe

Hey Bulkers! If you’re starting to think about what to do for those special guys in your life for Father’s…

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Summer Vibes: Bug Repellant Soap

Do you need relief from a nasty bug bite or poison ivy? Oatmeal soap base along with peppermint and lavender…

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Summer Vibes: Summer Itch Relief

Got a scratch? A pesky little itch? Maybe your kids have a bug bite or perhaps that hike on the…

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Summer Vibes: All Natural Deodorant Recipe

Okay, so I know that this can be a sensitive subject. However, when left unaddressed, it really does affect all…

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Summer Vibes: Life Hacks with Lip Balms

Bet you didn’t know you have a secret weapon in your arsenal. Chances are it’s in your purse right now….

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Summer Vibes: Sunburn Spritz with Essential Oils

Now that we are slowly getting back to normal with being allowed outside in this amazing weather, we are getting…

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Vitamin Spotlight: Melatonin

If you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s tough to fall asleep when you want to. You jump in bed, knowing…

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Essential Oil Spotlight: Lemon Oil

Aside from the heavenly aroma, like the signature scent of summer (so fresh and invigorating!), the lemon essential oil has…