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Recipe: Sore Muscle Bath Soak

When your body feels out of whack it causes a domino effect of other issues: headaches, fatigue, and overall lack…

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Coloring Your Candles

We’ve posted recipes for making candles in the past, but not how to color. The fact is, coloring is easy….

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Spring Beauty Tips: Green Tea Eucalyptus Soap

This Green Tea Eucalyptus Soap is not only easy to make, but also very pretty and impressive looking. So, even…

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Get Well Soon: Humidifier Vapo-Additive

This time of year can wreak havoc on your sinuses. The occasional hot day mixed in with the cold winter…

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Aromatherapy: For Headache Relief

Headaches are awful. We’ve all had them (if you say you haven’t, I don’t believe you). Whether you suffer from…

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Aromatherapy: Energizing Essential Oils

By now most of our readers are familiar with aromatherapy. We have often spotlighted relaxation oils and various recipes that…

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Fighting Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

You may think those of us at Bulk Apothecary use essential oils for everything, and you’re right. We do. It’s…

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Aromatherapy For Cold or Flu

Today we are going to tell you how to mix some of your essential oils to ensure you don’t spread…

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Recipe: Invigorating Facial Mist

If you’re anything like me halfway through the day your skin starts to feel drab and dreary. I could always…

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Beeswax Candles

We’ve included some recipes for candle-making in the blog before, but today we want to spotlight the absolute easiest and…

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Spring Cleaning Diffuser Recipe

An invigorating blend to get you energized and motivated! 🗑️♻️

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Daylight Saving Time Diffuser Blend

Good morning, Sunshine! Here’s a bright and uplifting diffuser blend to celebrate Daylight Saving Time! We love the sun! ☀️🍊🌻