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Cupcake Candle DIY Recipe

This Cupcake Candle DIY is sure to be a HUGE hit with the kids! They are absolutely adorable and look…

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Coloring Your Candles

We’ve posted recipes for making candles in the past, but not how to color. The fact is, coloring is easy….

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Lemonade Lip Balm Recipe

Who doesn’t love lemonade? It’s the quintessential summer drink, so naturally, a summer lip balm that tastes like lemonade is…

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Spring Beauty Tips: Acai Blackberry Lip Balm

Don’t let the ease of this next recipe fool you. Although it may be easy enough for the kids to…

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The More You Know: The Perfect Oil For Your Skin

Today we’re focusing on facial soap. Facial skin is so delicate and oftentimes, finicky. While one person can use just…

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Recipe: Lavender Lotion Bars

I’ll admit- there’s a certain store in the mall, one that boasts overflowing wooden bins of lush handmade body products,…

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Recipe: Mint Tingle Body Lotion

Today I was in the mood for something a little different. Something a little out of the ordinary. My skin…

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Create Your Own Solid Perfume

Ever have one of those traveling dilemmas? You know, after that long flight you FINALLY make it to the hotel,…

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Self-Love Series: Jasmine Hand and Nail Balm

Now that the stress from the holidays has ended, it’s time to make this year about taking care of yourself….

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Beeswax Candles

We’ve included some recipes for candle-making in the blog before, but today we want to spotlight the absolute easiest and…

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12 Days of Gifting: Orange Clove Lip Balm

Clove and orange have long been a festive holiday combination when it comes to fragrances. Think simmering potpourri on the…

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DIY Stress Relief Balm Recipe

DIY Stress Relief Balm Recipe What can you do to reduce your level of stress? Need a pick me up…

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Banana Cream Lip Balm Recipe

If you love bananas you’re in for a treat! This lip balm doesn’t disappoint. Aside from all of the nourishing…

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All Natural Lotion Bars Recipe

One of our Paleo-obsessed friends recommended an all-natural recipe for lotion bars. We altered it just a bit for better…

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Healing Calendula Salve Recipe

Behold the magical powers of the Calendula Flower! Or, as you (and me too) may better know it, the Marigold…

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Ice Cream Lip Balm Recipe

  “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Even our lips… Summertime is the perfect time for…