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It’s Fall Y’all DIY: Herb Infused Olive Oil

Herb infused olive oil is getting more popular by the day. Rightfully so… it’s beautiful, right?! I love using olive…

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Fantastically Fall: How To Freeze Your Herbs

This idea has been floating around Pinterest for months and I’ve been dying to try it. So when my fiance…

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Summer Vibes: Nourishing Hair Masque

We’ve all seen the commercials for a certain shampoo brand with the gorgeous girl spinning around as her long, perfect,…

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Picnic Time: Fresh Quinoa Salad

With the addition of dried fruits, nuts, flour, and other nutritious foods to the Bulk Apothecary lineup, I’ve been dying…

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10 Natural Ways to Stop Frizzy Bedhead Hair

If you’re tired of those annoying fly-aways and frizz that make your otherwise cute outfit dull, here are some tips…

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12 Days of Gifting: Peppermint Patty Melt & Pour Soap

So, I know that a peppermint patty technically isn’t a seasonal treat. Which is probably why I enjoy them all year long….

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12 Days of Gifting: Vanilla Cocoa Body Butter

Here’s an absolutely delicious recipe for body butter that you can whip up in your kitchen in a matter of…

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Spring Break Ready Body Scrub

It’s about that time to escape to somewhere beautiful! Spring Break is right around the corner and we’ve got a…

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Melt and Pour 101: Choosing a Soap Base

Base Breakdown With over 30 melt and pour soap bases to choose from, there is a lot of variety for…

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Lemon Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

This little scrub couldn’t be easier. Just three ingredients and you’ll have the perfect kitchen hand scrub in no time….

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Pool-Ready Foot Scrub Recipe

Summer is right around the corner. (Can you believe it?) This means time with family and friends at the pool,…

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Choosing Carrier Oils For Your Skin Type

When making homemade soaps, lotions and topical products, carrier oils are an important component. Aside from the essential oils that…

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Winter Hair Repair Recipes

Recipes to take your hair from DRAB to FAB! Winter sure can do a number on your hair. From the…