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Bug Spray Recipe with Essential Oils | Bulk Apothecary

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DIY Bug Repellent Essential Oil Recipe | Bulk Apothecary

  Stop Summer Bugs with Essential Oils As the weather turns nice and warm, many of us are itching to…

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Lucky Charms Sugar Scrub Recipe

Who doesn’t love Lucky Charms? Wasn’t it every kid’s favorite cereal growing up (or still today, as an adult….just me?)….

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Raspberry Sorbet Salt Scrub Recipe

This cold weather has really been taking a toll on my skin lately. My hands feel dry, look dull and…

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Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

  There are few things I like better than the smell of coffee. It immediately wakes up the senses and…

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Spring Soaps Recipe

Spring is here! These colorful soaps are perfect for your transition into the next season. Bright, cheery and full of…

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Easter Bath Soak Recipe

Easter is upon us! This year why not change it up a bit and fill your baskets with a little…

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Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe

Working on filling up your kid’s baskets for Easter? Here’s a wonderful recipe for colorful, fruity whipped soaps that will…

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Banana Cream Lip Balm Recipe

If you love bananas you’re in for a treat! This lip balm doesn’t disappoint. Aside from all of the nourishing…

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DIY Natural Tick Spray Recipe | Bulk Apothecary

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Pool-Ready Foot Scrub Recipe

Summer is right around the corner. (Can you believe it?) This means time with family and friends at the pool,…

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Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter Recipe

Get your skin on point with this easy DIY body butter. Thick, creamy and ultra-moisturizing, you can kiss dry skin…

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DIY Easter Baskets

Easter is “hopping” with great DIY project ideas. Because we love bunnies, Easter eggs and gifts, we are giving you…

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Rum & Coke Inspired Lip Balm Recipe

Guys- I’m SUPER excited about this one! Not only are lip balms easy to make, but this flavor oil is…

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4 Best Oils for Damaged Hair

The harsh cold of winter makes hair care a nightmare. Split ends, brittle hair, dry scalp and hair loss are…

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All Natural Lotion Bars Recipe

One of our Paleo-obsessed friends recommended an all-natural recipe for lotion bars. We altered it just a bit for better…